Dealing with IT

Bumps ahead DOAN Life tips

Life will throw curveballs your way. FACT. Sometimes, you’ll even go through phases where it feels is as though you’re going 8 rounds with an octopus (pun intended).

Anyone that knows me will testify to me being a sensitive soul which often means I feel things a lot. Extreme highs and extreme lows; the ebb and flow of life I suppose. Growing up requires you finding a coping mechanism that helps you maintain composure irrespective of what is going on around you. Here are my top tips for dealing with it, whatever it may be:

  1. Face it: Whatever it is you’re facing, family issues, work issues, financial issues or even relationship issues, face it head on. There are very few things that you can get out of dealing with so the best way to find a resolution is to actively seek one. I was always one to hide under the cover (both literally and figuratively). But honestly, that is the worst thing you can do. Very few things is life ‘just go away’ so stand tall and be present.
  2. Speak up, but listen first: I’ll admit, this one is tricky. Your first reaction is naturally to speak up and defend yourself is someone or something is doing you wrong. And so it should be. But listening first is highly recommended. I mean, what are you actually responding to if you don’t listen first? Listening puts you in a position of strength by giving you the whole picture first.
  3. Be selective with your attention: Your time is the most valuable thing you own. I have learnt that you can completely disarm a situation by removing your attention. Like, literally, this is so powerful. So be selective with your time, carefully consider what is worth your energy and only react when necessary.

Remember, life will throw things your way. And if you’re going through a hard time, it will pass and you will be better for it, even if that seems a little ridiculous right now. Stay positive. It will all make sense one day…

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